This song was born on the slopes of Mt. Haleakala, 5000 feet above the ocean, as the sun was rising over the eastern slopes on the island of Maui.  When Viktor inquired what his last composition on the islands of Hawaii should be before leaving them forever, he heard three words: "Peace on Earth", and so he sat at his piano for the last time, alone, before packing his microphones and mixing board into the containers that would carry his life back to Northern California.  His heart full of sorrow and pain, the composition was complete within minutes.

Four years later, in Northern California, Viktor played this song for Valentina. She had recently suffered a personal tragedy, and in the throes of her own grief and recovery, she received these lyrics in a matter of minutes. They reflect the infinite inner state of peace that Valentina had discovered through the traversal of her loss, and the universal threads that connect us all.  When she sang them for Viktor, he was profoundly moved, saying: "I can't believe you uncovered precisely what this song is about. . . up to now, I simply could not put it into words .  .  ."

Peace on Earth is the World's Peace Anthem because it was a gift bestowed upon Viktor and Valentina to share with others, to remind us all that the state of Grace and Peace is infinite and always accessible. . . true Peace, which defies nation and law, culture and religion.   When you take the time to listen, you will find it.  Even if your heart is in pain.