World Peace Anthem

Music: Viktor

Lyrics and Music: Valentina

“Peace on Earth”
We all see it as the grand solution
And we cry
Marching in the streets
Chasing the illusion

But it’s here within
The stillness of a hummingbird at rest
The sanctity of loving lips
In timeless emptiness
Wide, open, broad and deep, free and high
Like the endless twilight sky

All around you
All within you

Peace on Earth
It is ours, the grand solution
Oh, we cry
And our tears dissolve
The great illusion

Let’s live as in
The stillness of
The hushed and boundless Love
As threads in the
Great Tapestry
Within, without, above



Viktor: Piano

Valentina: Voice, 12 string acoustic guitar, electric guitar, synth pan flute, percussion


Recorded and mastered at Room With a View Studios, Petaluma, CA
July 2009


Engineered by: Jamie Bridges

Produced by: Valentina